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31 Days of Free Writes on Writing: Truth


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Open sesame….

One of my favorite things about writing is that it can give us a way to process the truth. Truths about who we are, who Christ is, who the world is. One time I was talking to an older cousin of mine who has written and published a political book about my love for writing. I admitted to him that often I get stumped and usually stall out about the time things get complicated. My fears of confrontation and own passive response to conflict made it hard for me to even write about it. Brilliant as he is, he suggested that I look at writing as a safe and fun way to explore confrontation and conflict. This suggestion has entirely transformed my time at a computer, I now love difficult scenes because of the truths the tend to reveal about my characters. They can still be difficult to write, I’ll find myself pacing or looking for excuses to stop 12 times in 20 minutes, but I do them, I keep pushing, and I’m rewarded in the end.

Thanks to Pat.

Woo! Playing catch up today and tomorrow, stick with me friends!

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Christina Hubbard

Love hearing how you work through the challenges of life and writing, Andrea. I too am a conflict avoider. Writing makes us braver!


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