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31 Days of Free Writes on Writing: Trust

Welcome back to day five of my 31 Days of Free Writes on Writing series! <<<That link will take you directly to the Table of Contents for this series, so make sure to check it often for updates, I need readers to hold me accountable to my goals j/k, sort of.  So far so good, friends, I can’t believe I’ve made it to DAY FIVE! Woo Hoo, let’s keep it going! Make sure to check out the other bloggers participating, at the bottom of this page on the Five Minute Friday website, and go to the Five Minute Friday homepage to see Kate’s personal posts on 31 days as a Christian Writer, one I’m particularly interested in.

I’m sure I won’t be able to unpack all the ways this word relates to writing or my personal journey in five minutes but let’s see what I can do…..

Trust is an integral key to the relationship you are building with your readers. I once read, online somewhere, that dream sequences, especially in the opening scene are incredibly dangerous. This surprised me because as a writer they can in a way be fun, and help reveal things about a character it’s hard to show in other ways, but the point was that pulling a reader into a scene that isn’t real makes it harder for them to trust you as the story unfolds. Other ways to break trust is in sloppy details, if one minute she’s in a blue shirt and the next it’s a red dress there’s a disconnect there that breaks the trust and pulls the reader out of the moment.

For me, trusting myself, the process, and that this is the Lords plan or at least that He wants me to use this gift he has given me, is so important. And impossibly hard. For years now I’ve struggled to believe in myself as a writer, I’d get a jump start then the smallest thing would derail me. Over and over this has happened. It’s why I started this blog, because I’d gotten to the point where I didn’t believe I could stick with it for more than a few weeks and I was tired of letting my biggest supporters down. I believe I’d broken a trust there. Believing that if I’d told them I was writing again, they’d write it off. The way I would. I’m writing, but we’ll see.

At the beginning I kept myself in this tight little bubble, me and my husband, as I let the Lord lead me into a story I cannot shake, and built my confidence up one character, chapter, week, month, season at a time. I’ve been working on my WIP now since April, with a bit of a summer lull mid July through mid September, and my confidence is soaring. The Lord has given me inspiration, time, and words, often waking me up from a dead sleep to write. I’m so excited to be in this place, but I’m not here without the help of the Lord. I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t done a work in me last April, breaking some of my chains, releasing me from some of my biggest doubts and shame so that I can see a future behind a keyboard, even if my words never get published there’s victory in their creation. Even if their just for me, the process has shaped, and changed me, and the story has molded and convicted me in so many ways.

So, maybe I spent 15 to 20 minutes on this one. I’m glad I did, for again writing it has helped me process and put words to what has been transpiring in my heart, through my walk with the Lord and obedience in writing.

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