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Five Minute Friday: Motivate


Like the coach standing by his or her pupil yelling words of encouragement, a dog showing her puppy how to climb steps, and the little girl professing words of affirmation to herself in the bathroom mirror, January will motivate us to be our best. New reading plans, new work out goals, new diet fads, new writing goals. Houses get cleaned and purged, websites get revamped (Guilty! My husband is next to me giving this site a face-lift as I type, and I can’t wait!), new planners are purchased, new goal charts are created (or is that just me? I do so much better if it’s on paper, front and center for me to see daily). Things everywhere are revitalized, people everywhere are looking for ways to do better this year.

As 2018 approached, I really didn’t feel like setting specific and elaborate goals this year. Last year, I set 17 goals, and at the time they all felt attainable, reasonable and like the more I expected of myself the better chance I’d have. <<I didn’t accomplish all of my goals last year, but I did do this one really awesome thing that I finally blogged about yesterday so be sure to check it out>> This year, I really wanted to lean on a vision, instead of a specific plan, and the reason why, is because as the year unfolds the methods I use to reach that vision might need to change, life is ever changing, and I want to have the flexibility to change with it. The word or idea that I’m focusing on for this year is “Simplify” it was actually the result from this awesome quiz put together by Dayspring and it perfectly defines what I’m striving for.

Does this mean I’m not trying to cut out sugar, lose weight, do 18,000 push ups, work out more this year, write more this year, build my blog, read my Bible and memorize scripture? Heck no! I’m hoping to achieve, or partially achieve all of those things, and maybe even a few more. But it means that I’m giving myself flexibility and freedom in the process, recognizing that without Christ I can’t achieve any of these goals. I’m looking at the big picture, a vision, and reminding myself of that vision as I make decisions, set goals, and progress throughout the year.

I saw a meme today that really gave me pause. It said, “tell people a snow storm is coming and they prepare, but tell them Jesus is coming and they do nothing.” The meme is about salvation not new years resolutions, but as I write this I can’t help but see a correlation. In the first days and weeks of a year I feel so much more capable, determined, and thrilled about each day, because everyone around me is excited and there is this energy that can’t be ignored. For the first two weeks each day is new, filled with hope, and excitement over every little accomplishment.

But, if I’m truly living for the Lord, if He truly is the center of my life, shouldn’t every day be like that? Shouldn’t we constantly be revitalizing the things (not physical things we own, but the things we are involved in, work, kids, ministries) in our lives? Shouldn’t each new day be a challenge for us to do better?

God’s strength, grace, and mercy aren’t stronger in January than the rest of the year, His guidance isn’t better on Monday than Humpday. The Lord doesn’t just have plans for us on a few predetermined days, but every day. This year I want to treat every day like a new beginning, not because it will better me, help me actually accomplish something, or doe others to see what I have done and marvel at it, but so that it will honor and glorify the Lord, so that He can look upon me and say “well done, good and faithful servant.”


Inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: Motivate. See what others had to say about this topic in five minutes or less (or you know 15 give or take 😉 ) or contribute your own post!

Sending up prayers for many New Year Blessings for you and yours!

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Kelly Blackwell

As I finished your post I thought of Psalm 118:24
“This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”
I think being glad in it is much like you describe out days should be. We’ve got some doing to do daily because Jesus is coming and right now we’ve got some loving to do!

Vising you today from FMF Hope you have a wonderful 2018

PS Good luck on the new blog updates. That sounds awesome!


What a great word for the year. Mine is hygge which translates as contentment. I’m in the 57 spot this week.


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