But Still, I Breathe.


As the waves lick the sandy shore,
and crash against the rocky wall,
rhythmic motion,
I breathe.

Even when I’m not there to see it,
I know the pulse of the shore,
just as I know the sound of my own beating heart.

If it’s windy,
the waves rage.
If the storms of life are present,
my chest restricts.

But still, I breathe.

Breath that reminds me of the Lord’s faithfulness,
breath that is steady and pregnant
with hope, love, trust.
Breath that overlooks the precipice of life
with hope, love, trust.

If it’s calm, the water glistens in the sun
still and as beautiful and fragile as glass.
So is my heart.

And I breathe.

Breath that is full of this moment,
but worried about the next.
Breath that is steady and pregnant
with trouble borrowed from tomorrow.

Longing breath that is full
of the Lord’s guidance, peace, love.

Then I remember.

Even when I can’t feel it,
the Lord’s hand is there
pumping oxygen in, carbon dioxide out
life in, hurt out.

Again, and again.

In and out.

I breathe.


I want to read through it again to check my punctuation and make sure every line is capitalized, but it’s five minute Friday, and I’m done out of time, so I resist, and let the Lord take it as it is, and use it, and me, as it is.

So what does the word breathe bring to your mind? Answer in the comments below or let me know that you are part of the Five Minute Friday link up and I’ll come read all about it on your blog. Never heard of Five Minute Friday? It’s a great weekly link up hosted by the lovely Kate Motaung.

Happy Friday Friends!

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annette@a net in time

well done poem… it is so true…through it all… we breathe don’t we. God’s faithfulness at work. Visiting through FMF #34

Kathy Erickson

I love that…life in, hurt out. We just have to be willing to let the hurt go. Beautiful words! Thanks for sharing them.


This is so beautiful. Thank you for the blessing of your words. I’m #11 today.


This is lovely!


This is so beautiful!


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