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Five Minute Friday: Mom

By: Andréa Lane 6
If it’s your first time, an extra special welcome to you! We always love meeting new friends. To learn more about FMF, click here.  This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: Mom Go I have an amazing mother. One I have, and regrettably still do, taken for granted. In hi...Read Full Article

Five Minute Friday: Should

By: Andréa Lane 7
Sometimes a word is just a word, and sometimes, it\'s a qualifier that works it\'s way into the sentence and then weaves it\'s way around our hearts. Squeezing, and tightening, enabling doubt, disabling confidence. I should be able to do all of this, because everyone else does. I...Read Full Article

Five Minute Friday: More

By: Andréa Lane 5
More The treasurers we keep there hidden away collecting dust, but still we say... More. The food we eat our bowls too big going to waste, but still we haste... More. The time we spend on the couch, in a book, behind a screen tick tick ticking, but stil...Read Full Article

Five Minute Friday: Sing

By: Andréa Lane 6
     Today\'s prompt is Sing. Go... As a budding teenager, one of my favorite shows was Touched By an Angel, I was drawn to it for a lot of reasons. I\'ve always loved the idea of angels being here on earth, and coming into our life for a brief season to enlighten, help, or ...Read Full Article

Five Minute Friday: Empty

By: Andréa Lane 6
Empty. A word, that instantly brings up thoughts of negativity, that points to the lacking. The empty bag of Peanut M&M\'s in my secret drawer. Empty, that feeling of despair you have after a fight in which you word vomited on someone you love. The seats at our kitchen t...Read Full Article

Five Minute Friday: Control

By: Andréa Lane 6
I am not what you might call a neat person. I struggle with keeping up with regular everyday routines, I\'m exceptionally unorganized, and often get mad at myself for all of the above. I strive to regain control of these things, but after just a few days my routines fall flat...Read Full Article

Five Minute Friday: Connect

By: Andréa Lane
Okay, so I know it\'s Wednesday, but better late than never right? And hopefully I\'ll be able to check this weeks prompt tomorrow night and have my post up first thing Friday and then we will be off to the races.   Have you heard of Five Minute Friday\'s? If not, you ...Read Full Article

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