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Five Minute Friday: Empty


Empty. A word, that instantly brings up thoughts of negativity, that points to the lacking.

The empty bag of Peanut M&M’s in my secret drawer. Empty, that feeling of despair you have after a fight in which you word vomited on someone you love. The seats at our kitchen table this Easter that should be filled with the ones we love but live too far away.

Empty. Loneliness. Longing. The lack there of. Emptied out. Zero. Blank. Ready.

But that’s where beauty lies. In the zero. In the blank. In the ready. Zero M&M’s in my drawer, but infinite kisses showered on my face by my sweet little’s with promises of forever love. Blank, the slate that comes with mutual forgiveness and is ready for new memories. Ready, the chairs waiting to be filled at the next holiday or Birthday celebration. Ready, our hearts as we wait for the Lord to fill us up each morning. Blank the page waiting to be filled with words breathed to me by the One who breathed dust into life. Empty the tomb, devoid of Jesus but full of love and a life full of hope, grace, and promise. Zero sins that can’t be forgiven. Blank, the mind emptied out of the chains that bind us. Ready, the heart to be filled up again.


Wooo hoo, did that feel good. Breaking past that fear of the blank page really is a freeing thing. Writing is my jam, must work on building consistency. Thanks for stopping by today to read my Five Minute Friday post on Empty and I hope you will check the link up out. Thanks to  Kate Motaung’s blog for hosting.  


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I’m so thankful for the zero sins that can’t be forgiven. And I’m so thankful that He died for my sins and that grave is empty because death could not hold Him down.

Wonderful post.


I enjoyed your reflections here. So true that while we often think of empty as negative it also speaks of potential. And the empty tomb is the best news of all! Happy Easter to you! Visiting from FMF #12


Love this! Oh and peanut M and Ms are my fave too.


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