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The treasurers we keep
there hidden away
collecting dust,

but still we say…

The food we eat
our bowls too big
going to waste,
but still we haste…


The time we spend
on the couch, in a book, behind a screen
tick tick ticking,
but still we defend…


When does it end?
This cycle we are in.
Why do I keep on collecting, rotting, and wasting?
Because I keep spinning.

“Enough is enough!”
Today I jump.
I don’t want more lies
I want more
truth. More life. More freedom.

Freedom to give.
Life to share.
Truth to tell.



I’m sorry for the overall tone of today’s post, I’ve been going through Breathe Making Room for Sabbath By Priscilla Shirer over the last three weeks and these are some of the areas of my life that have been called into challenge. I have so much, and yet, I’m constantly wanting more. I can’t do this, lose that, or share of our abundance when I feel like I don’t have, like I’m lacking, like there is something more waiting for me around the corner.

I’m intentionally working on setting boundaries, remembering that less is more, more to give to others in need, more appreciation of what I have, more to serve the Lord in obedience. This Bible study has been really challenging me and making a significant impact on the decisions I’m making in the day to day. If you ever get a chance to go through it with a group, definitely jump at it.

This has been another addition of Five Minute Friday. Make sure to head over to the community on Kate Motaung’s blog. I absolutely love the FMF posts, the community, and the push to write beyond my typical style. These poems…So not my norm. Anyone else feel like the free writing is stretching them in ways they couldn’t have expected?


At her request, I have also linked up with Susan B Mead for her Movement and Motion in the Garden–Linkup, it’s my first time joining in with this group, so if you’ve found me from it please be sure to let me know so I can stop by and visit you in return!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, leave comment below so we can connect.

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Susan Mead

Beautiful Andrea. And oh so true. Less is more. More space to function in, breathe in, live in and love exquisitely in. Fewer distractions as we move to the beat of God’s heart and are wooed by His holy word.

May I invite you to share at on the DanceWithJesus Linkup to bless someone there? We too start each Friday morning.

Your FMF neighbor.

Susan Shipe

Andrea, I totally understand your words. Thank you for visiting Hope Heart Home this morning. I am currently reading Shelly Miller’s Rhythm’s of Rest, very convincing and convicting.


Andrea, this poem spoke to me very much. I’m over in the 50 spot.


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